Vodaliar debt collectors lose court case

Bernadette Mulligan

4 February at 17:44

Vodafone do not listen to complaints and find solutions that mean you will get charged correctly and receive the services you contracted to get. Stop your direct debit if you are not getting the service under your contract – it really is that simple. I did it, Vodafone sold the overcharge to a debt collects called Lowell’s- they tried to threaten and bully me with threats of fees, interests and court costs- I went to court and WON663 commentsLikeCommentShare

Bernadette Mulligan

25 January at 18:28

Anyone else got demands from Lovells who purchased ‘debts’ from Vodafone? Don’t trust them, they operate by trying to scare you with threats of fees, charges, costs, interest to make you pay when you know that you don’t actually owe anything. Also note when you phone them they insist they need to take you through ‘security’ and must them them loads of data including work email and phone, landline, own or rent home, mortgage… = does not comply with data protection regulations

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